All children deserve The Chance to Dance
Creative movement classes for children and adults with special needs.

Group classes- 30 minutes

Add fun therapy to class with licensed therapist
(sensory and social skills)- class sessions will be 1 hr

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The Chance to Dance

Trying to make a difference one child at a time. Every child has the desire to be something special and share the love of dance with someone like themselves!  We realize the frustration in some children when they can’t complete a task as fast as their friend. In “BUDDY DANCE” we move at a slower pace and each child gets to develop at their own speed and this way they feel a sense of accomplishment after every class. This is extremely rewarding for ALL involved the children, their buddies, the teachers and of course their parents!  These classes have taught so many children how to freely express themselves in a loving caring environment.

“We each have our own way of living in the world, together we are like a symphony. Some are the melody, some are the rhythm, some are the harmony It all blends together, we are like a symphony, and each part is crucial. We all contribute to the song of life.” …Sondra…

I hope you enjoy the pictures and continue to spread  the word about …THE CHANCE TO DANCE!!

Kaye-Lynn Dance Studio - Dance Demonstration

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